XML Configuration

YASL uses XML configuration for creating and initializaing singletons, actions, and menus. Developers are not required to use XML configuration but it is highly recommended. If the XML is not sufficient for initializing an object, developers are always free to code the configuration. (See the setSingletons() and setActions() methods from YASLAppConfigHelper.)

XML Config Files

YASL applications rely on two xml files for configuration.

XML Config Debugging

Problems with xml configuration can be difficult to debug. Using debug-level logging to the console enables developers to pinpoint problem tags. To enable the logging from the command line use: java -Dlogging.level=debug -Dlogging.target=console -jar yourapp.jar. This will dump information on the start tags, attributes, and end tags being processed to the console.

Singletons Config Tags

Actions Config Tags

Menus Config

These tags are specific to menu and menubar configuration.

Generic Config Tags

These tags are used for action, menu, and singleton config.